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Posted by on 07 July 13

Bizu’s Much Loved Catering Service Opens Creative space For Clients and Introduces New Brand Name



Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

2013-05-19 (Monday)


Organizing occasions, gatherings and events has become convenient and inspiring with the launch of Bizu Catering Studio.


Bizu Catering Studio is the new brand name of Bizu's Catering Service, a market leader and trusted partner for both (a) individuals looking to make their dream celebrations come true and (b) professionals committed to stunning and elegant event executions.


Bizu Catering Studio services both consumer clients and corporate clients in the areas of (1) weddings, (2) personal occasions and celebrations, as well as (3) corporate events and meetings.


Bizu Catering Studio is also the name of its new headquarters and showroom for clients, conveniently located on Gamboa Street in Legaspi Village, a short walk from Greenbelt Mall.


The space holds true to Bizu Groupe's ethos of bringing a taste of joei de vivre, to everyone, in every way possible. It is a creative space where clients, looking to organize both personal occasions and corporate events, can meet with their Bizu Catering Studio account managers.


The space makes it easy for clients to visualize the very best catering ideas which they can make real with the help of Bizu Catering Studio.


Dreams made real is the promise and heart-felt commitment Bizu Catering Studio makes to its wedding clientele. The distinction of becoming a "Bizu Bride" has become both an aspiration and dream come true for many brides-to-be as well as a standard wedding catering executions are measured by. Bizu Catering Studio's wedding specialists are adept in seeing to the unique concerns couples and wedding organizers face in making beautiful weddings a reality.


Every personal occasion, be it for an intimate group or a large gathering of family and friends, deserve nothing less than a taste of joei de vivre.

Any and every occasion, be it a birthday party for children, a birthday celebration for sophisticated adults, debuts, anniversaries, reunions, tributes and all other kinds of personal celebration, have their unique requirements. Bizu Catering Studio's consumer specialists are adept at seeing to these concerns and commit to making every personal celebration and occasion an elegant and joyful one


Corporate Events require precision from planning to implementation. And the range is vast, from meetings to launch events and parties and trade shows to conferences. For every budget, creative idea and operational concern, there is a catering solution from Bizu Catering Studio. Bizu Catering Studio's commercial specialists are adept at working out the distinct planning and implementation considerations organizations face in their events; committing to the client's targets and wishes, they work tirelessly to make sure that each implementation is truly a job well done in the eyes of both the client and their guests.


From Bizu's roots as a Patisserie committed to bringing a taste of joei de vivre to everyone through its luxurious and delicious selection of French and continental culinary treats, Bizu Catering Studio brings a world of culinary wonders to Bizu's catering clientele.


Bizu's distinguished team of chefs and culinary professionals, led by Chief Executive Officer Annabel Tanco, Chief Culinary Officer Ronnie Reyes, Chief Product Officer Alexander Tanco & Executive Pastry Chef George __, are seriously committed to ensuring that every Bizu catered occasion and celebration is indeed filled with the very best culinary offerings influenced by the very best of culinary traditions and inspired by the creative thinking that is distinctly Bizu.


Bizu's exceptional and inspire culinary offerings are complimented by equally exceptional and inspired service.


Our service professionals are distinguished by their career accomplishments and the standard Bizu Catering Studio upholds for every employee.