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gift sets

Spread sweetness like good cheer with Bizu gift sets that will make everyone on your Christmas list joyful. Each set is prepared perfectly and tucked with love and the best care.

  • The Ultimate Holiday Gift The Ultimate Holiday Gift

    5 tubes of Cookies

    4 tubes of Tuile  

    1 can of White Chocolate Pretzel 

    1 can of Dark Chocolate Pretzel

    3 tubes of Sugar free Mendiants

    2 tubes of Chocolate Mendiants

    1 large gift box

    P 4,850.00

  • Carousel Popcorn Carousel Popcorn

    The French Carousel is reminiscent of Paris’ Carousel de la Tour Eiffel and is what inspired the packaging of Bizu’s Gourmet Popcorn. Wind it up and play the enchanting music of the Nutcracker.

    P 985.00

  • Festive Bundle Festive Bundle

    4 tubes of Sugar-Free Mendiants

    2 tubes of Milk Chocolate with Almonds 

    1 tube of Cocoa Nibs 

    1 can of White Chocolate Pretzel

    1 can of Dark Chocolate Pretzel

    1 medium gift box

    P 3,685.00

  • Delectable Delights Delectable Delights

    1 can of White Chocolate Pretzels

    1 tube of Cocao Nibs Mendiants  

    1 box of 6 pcs Chocolate Truffles

    1 small gift box

    P 1,315.00

  • Kiddie Treats Kiddie Treats

    2 tubes of Sugar-free White Chocolate with cranberries and mixed nuts

    1 tube of Sugar-free Milk Chocolate with hazelnut, currant and sunflower seeds 

    1 tube of Sugar-free Dark Chocolate with pistachio, coconut and apricot

    1 small gift box


  • Merry Set Merry Set

    1 tube of Butter Chia Cookies 

    1 tube of Chocolate Chip Walnut      

    1 tube of Oatmeal Muscovado  

    1 tube of Belgian Chocolate Cookie   

    1 small gift box

    P 1,000.00

  • Joyous Set Joyous Set

    4 tubes of Cookies

    2 tubes of Tuile

    1 box of Ensaymada

    1 large gift box

    P 2,400.00