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savory spreads

A perfect accompaniment to crackers in a buffet spread or for spreading in between slices of bread for an afternoon snack. Bizu’s savory spreads make celebrations simple by completing your appetizer spread with our selection of gourmet dips. And add a dimension to your everyday sandwiches when you daub some of Bizu’s savory spreads to make every day’s extra special  

  • Salmon Rillette Salmon Rillette
    Fresh Norwegian salmon slow cooked with butter and dill herbs
    P 285.00 corner
  • Goat Cheese with Herbes de Provence Goat Cheese with Herbes de Provence
    Aromatic goat cheese enhanced with Herbes de Provence
    P 285.00 corner
  • Tomato & Chorizo Tomato & Chorizo
    Spicy and Smoky Chorizo sausage perked up with sunny tomatoes
    P 285.00 corner