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house wines

Please request for a complete wine list from your server. Prices may change without prior notice.

*Available in selected outlets only

  • Super Bock, Stout Super Bock, Stout
    P 145.00 corner
  • Quinta do Filoco, Reserva Quinta do Filoco, Reserva
    A fine wine with notes of vanilla, oak, cherry, and spices
    P 1,685.00 corner
  • Filoco, Red Filoco, Red
    Hints of berries with a pronounced vanilla aroma

  • Super Bock, Classic Iager Super Bock, Classic Iager
    P 145.00 corner
  • San Miguel, Light San Miguel, Light
    P 85.00 corner
  • Léon Beyer, Gewürztraminer Léon Beyer, Gewürztraminer
    Evident tones of fresh white fruit and a nice sweet finish
    P 1,955.00 corner
  • San Miguel, Pale Pilsen San Miguel, Pale Pilsen
    P 95.00 corner
  • Cardal, White Cardal, White
    Fruity and floral with a soft and fresh aroma

  • Cuvee 21, Cava Cuvee 21, Cava
    Fully, fruity, and intensely flavored with persistent bubbles and a good mousse
    P 1,875.00 corner
  • Billecart Salmon, Champagne Billecart Salmon, Champagne
    Bright and tangy with fruit-forward flavors of macerated apricot, pineapple, apple, and hints of ginger
    P 5,145.00 corner
  • Michele Chiarlo Nivole, Asti Michele Chiarlo Nivole, Asti
    Sweet, semi-dry with a fruity finish

    P 985.00 corner
  • Casa do Valle, Rose Casa do Valle, Rose
    A hint of fresh rose wine with hints of strawberries and a semi-sweet aftertaste
    P 996.00 corner