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French Omelette Set

Light and fluffy souffle- style omelette served with buttery croissant

*Available in selected outlets only

  • Truffle Mushroom Omelette Truffle Mushroom Omelette
    2-Egg Omelette, Wild Mushroom Ragout and Truffle Sauce
    P 395.00 corner
  • Eggs Done Your Way Eggs Done Your Way
    Scrambled (2-Egg set) P195
    Over Easy (per pc.) P75
    Sunny (per pc.) P75
    Hard Boiled (per pc) P75
    Soft Boiled (per pc.) P75
  • Cheese Omelette Cheese Omelette
    2-Egg Omelette with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese
    P 295.00 corner
  • Simple Omelette Simple Omelette
    2-Egg Simple Omelette topped with Butter
    P 195.00 corner
  • Spanish Omelette Spanish Omelette
    2-Egg Omelette, Bacon Lardon, Tomato and Onions
    P 285.00 corner
  • Smoked Salmon Omelette Smoked Salmon Omelette
    2-Egg Omelette, Smoked Salmon and Capers
    P 395.00 corner