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  • Roast Lamb Leg Roast Lamb Leg

    Enjoy the best in life with our Roast Lamb Leg. This slow-cooked roast Australian Lamb Leg with Garlic and Rosemary is served with mint jelly and lamb au jus. It’s perfect for those dinners with great food and even better company.

    Approx. 2 Kg. (cooked weight) per order Good for approx. 10-15 persons


  • Whole Roast Turkey Whole Roast Turkey
    Nothing really spells out the Holidays better than a Whole Roast Turkey , all plump, browned and juicy. Completing the experience is our signature stuffing that orchestrates the light crunch of apples with the fullness of chestnuts and sausages.There is also an unforgettable duet of sauces: Cranberry and pan gravy.

    approx. 4 kg. (cooked weight) per order
    Good for approx. 20-25 persons
    P 8,500.00 corner
  • Porchetta Porchetta
    Our newest dish to grace your Yuletide feast. Slow-roasted Pork Belly marinated in garlic and fresh rosemary with crisp crackling skin in a duo of Arugula Peto and Apple-Mango Chutney sauces.

    Approx. 3.8 kg (cooked weight)
    Good for approx. 20-25 persons
    P 6,500.00 corner
  • Baked Salmon Rockefeller Baked Salmon Rockefeller
    A delicious feast is never complete without our baked Norwegian salmon, layered with creamy spinach and topped with parmesan mornay sauce. A dish definitely not to be missed on any dinner party and Christmas buffet.

    Approx. 1.3 Kg (cooked weight)
    good for approx. 10 to 15 persons
    P 4,900.00 corner
  • Ten Hour Roast U.S. Beef Belly Ten Hour Roast U.S. Beef Belly
    Everyone is talking about our sensational, melt-in-your mouth US Beef Belly Roast which we lovingly nurture through a ten hour process, taking care to seal in every ounce of goodness. There really is no need to wait the whole day by your stove. Bizu will be happy to share this best-selling treasure with you. We'll even include crunchy vegetables and a creamy mushroom sauce.

    Approx. 2 kg (cooked weight) per order
    Good for approx. 15 persons
    P 3,900.00 corner