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Tasteful Catering is more a practicality than an extravagance-floral arrangements, tailored menus, tables set just right. Bizu orchestrates the elements of intimate affairs with a flair for class and an eye for the slightest whim.

A harmonious coordination of colors, textures, and sculpted floral arrangement enhance any Bizu catered affair.

The Main Event

  • The Cuisine Collection

    Taste freshness and inventive continental cuisine straight from our kitchen. From our own farm-grown organic salads, homemade pastas, real sauces, seafood and meats all cooked just right and seasoned with our creativity and love, we bring you a feast your guests will enjoy.

  • Our Chefs

    They are no less than dedicated to bringing you a savory experience. The food will be one of the best things that will happen to your event.

  • Masters of Art

    At Bizu, everything and everyone is integrated to make s seamless reception. Everyone involved is a master of a skill: from team of chefs, trained service waiters, banquet coordinators, design artists and floral experts, what we have is a creative collaboration.  Each person is an indispensable component to our vocation of bringing you a reception of prestige.                                                                                              

  • Our Competency

    Our ability to organize and mobilize resources immediately is our key competency. Every event is easily tailor fit to our clients’ taste and preferences. We are backed by years of expertise in the industry, and everyone involved is no less than true professionals in their respective field. This in turn is seen in the confidence given to us by our loyal clientele.

    Our commitment is to bring you the best food and customer service. Your guests will thank you for being  such a gracious host.

  • Occassions by Bizu

    Occasions are all about detail-exquisite food, fine drinks and the livening of good company. The slightest alterations change everything. That’s why Bizu offers only perfection. Each culinary masterpiece enchants the palate and tempts the eye. Each bite is a memory to last a lifetime.

    At Bizu Catering Studio are occasions become what they should be – priceless.

    For inquires: email: conciergeteam@bizugroupe.com  or call (02) 845-05-90 / 845-05-91 / 845-05-92 / 845-05-93
    Instagram: bizuph
    Twitter: bizuph