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Bizu, as a Patisserie

"At Bizu, cakes are not merely baked- they are created. They are not merely kept in glass cabinets- they are sat on pedestals. That’s because they are not only special- they are unique, each unlike any other, each as much a piece of culinary experience as a piece of art, each produced out of respect as much for highly discriminating tastes as for the niceties of good living." - Vergel O. Santos

We put great importance in making sure that we bring you the most special cakes and pastries you could ever imagine. The harmony of flavours, the texture of our delicate mousses, and the artistry we put into each creation mirrors the kind of dedication the Bizu team has- just so you could perfectly indulge and be content. Visit us and be doe-eyed with the multi-colored pastries displayed in our long vitrines.